Monday 24 July 2017

Anchor Your Life with Ruth...!

Welcome to my New Inspirational World 
 Just as I have made a new beginning with my new website
take the time to come walk with me and journey towards your new beginning…!
Sometimes when life is difficult and you think that you cannot go on anymore your thoughts might slide back to times gone by, better times, easier times and happier times! You think about the past with regret or with remorse and sorrow, over the:
  • life lived
  • decisions made or not made
  • words said or not said
  • deeds done or not done
  • hopes and dreams unrealized and
  • things not faced or accomplished?
Do you reflect and regret?
There is always something we have not done or a person we have hurt, or hurt us or, words said or dreams not achieved or maybe you have plans which are half done, a quarter done or not done at all, or do you have a legacy that you want to leave but at this stage but the only thing that you have to show for it, is a trail of aspirations not achieved…!


Do not live your days in regret as every day heralds in a new beginning!
Do not let your inner critic pull you down nor your inner voice tell you it is too late – it is never too late as you can begin again! It is not about how long you will live nor the fame or wealth or possessions you could attain. It is all about living your life to the full and making a difference but, whatever that difference means to you, as it is a personal thing – but it should include truth, honesty, respect, simplicity, kindness, consideration and love.
Yes, there is always an opportunity for a new beginning…

Do you want to make this moment right now your new beginning?

Only you can choose...!

 ‘Just as the caterpillar, as it goes through its own personal cycle of life, turning into a chrysalis and then bursting out of its protective shell into a wondrous butterfly – being one of the most beautiful of God’s creatures on this earth – I have hope for you in knowing that this inspirational book will aid you in bursting out of your protective chrysalis and become such a being – beautiful and unique…able to spread your wings and soak up the sun of life and fly free!
Go forth dear Readers burst free and live again and LIVE your life to the fullest!’
 by Ruth Anne Caukwell

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 I would love to 'see' you there!

Thursday 2 March 2017

Loss - Overcoming and Living Again...!

There are many kinds of losses in our lives but none so painful and devastating as the loss of a person, or people we love.
For those who have some kind of faith - in God, a higher being or believe in another form of life after death - the belief that they will see their loved one again often can sustain them during this period of mourning, change and readjustment.
And for those who believe that death is final, having such things as keepsakes and photographs, etc., plus memories, can be the sustaining force behind overcoming such a loss.
In saying this though coping through such a time in our lives can be a very difficult one, one so painful that we feel that we will never live again - I know as I lost both my father (in his 50's) and my sister (in her 30's) through illness. But... even through the pain and suffering, if we believe that our loved ones are with us - and they are: in our memories, thoughts and the legacy they have left behind through how they shaped and influenced our lives - we CAN live again and live a fulfilling, wonderful life!
Here is a beautiful poem written at least fifty years ago (not sure by whom) which I would love to share as it reminds us that even though our loved ones have left us with their passing we can remember them through the beauty that we see around us:
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.
 It is never easy to overcome our emotions, to believe in life again - to live, laugh, love and be happy - when the person, or people, that we love have left us but if in bleak difficult times we look to our inner resources. Then, in these times of conflict, we will find that we have the ability to deal with that conflict thus, we can live in peace!
 Yes... sometimes our emotions can become our conflict - a conflict which can fill our core with:  
  • grief: the unfairness, the hurt, the betrayal of being left alone... the sadness, the guilt and, the loneliness!
 Yes... grief can become our pain which, if we let it, can make us:
  • bitter, resentful, miserable and, a recluse from life!
 But... if you ride out this pain and keep your loved one in your heart... your mind... your memories... and your soul... you will eventually find Hope... Peace... Love and... you will Live again!
 When our eyes cannot find the way and the storms of life close in, although we may lose much, our love of life still runs strongly throughout veins.
This will help us climb the difficult path to the top of our mountain!
 So dear friends
If you have suffered a loss of a loved one take heart in the belief that you can and will live again! So take care and keep your good memories close, share them and talk about them to others - let your loved one live in you!
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Monday 27 February 2017

Are You Ruled by Fear...!

We all experience fear, even the most confident and successful people, as, it is a normal part of living. The difference though with some people is that they refuse to be ruled by their fear!
Why is this?
Because... these people know that if they let fear rule them it will become paramount in their life and ultimately control them!
And... once fear becomes the controlling factor in your life it can paralyze YOU!
Many times fear and anxiety are fueled by the words and actions of others and if/when taken on board they become the negative tapes by which we live by.
Is fear a fire within your life?
And if it is, who and what makes it burn brighter?
Think on this as someone who is perfectly safe, but has fear burned into them (for whatever reason), suffer from just as much anxiety as a person who is living in a high risk situation! 
This is because... your BRAIN DOES NOT discriminate between feelings and emotions that are REAL or IMAGINED. Fear can and will dominate your life regardless - it is just as devastating and debilitating as a physical injury!
If we are brave enough to face those things that make us afraid we can face our fears that so much better…
If we are brave enough to face those things which hurt we can face our hurts with triumph!
The fear then… will not creep into our lives nor will the hurt over take…
We will be free to step forwards with courage and find out that we are BRAVER than we think!
Share your fears with someone else... unload your burdens with a friend!
Realize that a fear can either be a 'real' one or a 'concept' that becomes learned and then believed!
Ask yourself these two questions:-
Do you want fear to rule your life?
Do you want your life consumed by a negative destructive fire?
If not then let your fears go and unburden your soul. Be brave and do what you need to do. Be brave and do what you need to... do... to... be... FREE!
So, why walk with fear when you can walk through it!
Come walk with me a while and choose to make your journey of discovery be free of fear! My inspirational book - 'Musings of a Blogger - Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life's Journey' will open the doorway for you to walk through your fear... if you choose to!
-Chapter two -'The stoppers in our lives' and chapter 12 of the workbook
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-Chapter six - 'Challenging your though patterns' and chapter 16 of the workbook
-Chapter seven - 'The Masks We Wear' and chapter 17 of workbook and,
-Chapter 10 - 'Choices, chances and changes' and chapter 20 of the workbook.
(If you have a real fear or you life is in danger do not hesitate to seek help - there are many places and help lines that are there waiting to support and listen! Do not live in 'real' fear as you are worth far far more than that... do take the first step no matter how hard it might be...)
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